Thursday, November 11, 2010

How can I improve my effectiveness in my team?

how can i improve effectiveness in my team? i can first discuss how we are to tackle the problem which we have for the day, then propose possible solutions/methods that we can use to solve the problem. then after that we can split parts of the workload to different team members, after a certain period of time, we would get together, and share what we have done, learned so that other people will also learn what we are doing. therefore the effectiveness in my team would increase. we could also use our strength and weakness to our advantage. therefore everyone in the group is able to contribute and share with others. the portions that they are weak in, will be helped by other team mates hence also improving social relationships.

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  1. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  2. thanks you have just made my job easier more relfection huh xx]



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