Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(1) Please share one of your personal strength and how you can leverage on it in class. (2) Please share one of your personal weakness and how you can overcome it.

ok so my school has this system where you have to write this reflection journal before the day is up. and that affects the grades for the day. since it feels like a blog post( which my good friend reminded me)
so i thought i should post up here.

personal strength... well my personal strength would be somewhat related to music, since i took piano as an interest since young that would probably be a personal strength i can think of now. as to how i can leverage on it in class? probably play a few of my composition during break times to relief stress? i don't think thats feasible lol.

okey personal weakness. one of my personal weakness that i would have would be procrastination. yes its a bad quality i have, i have to admit. but i have somewhat overcome it bit by bit, with the help of my good teammates and good friends that constantly remind me not to procrastinate. so you can say i have made improvements on my personal weakness since i don't really procrastinate much now.



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