Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Click Five Newest Song! Free Download!

Don't let me go Free Download! [Free The Click Five Song!]

Yes its free!

Go get it now!

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The Click Five Newest Song!

Don't Let me Go

This Music Video actually has a Message within! Watch the Music Video to find out! :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

Life Hacks!

Continuation of Life Hacks series! :D

So basically, this is just some tips aka small tricks that you can use in your daily life.
For those who can't see the picture, I am gonna type out everything, so at least you can read it.

1. Free Phone Chargers
Next time you lose your phone charger, don't buy another one. Go to a hotel and say you think you lost it there. It's the #1 most left behind item at hotels, so most places have a big bin filled with every phone charger imaginable.
Need an extra phone charger?
Pretend you lost it at some hotel and attempt to claim it back!

2, Free Hotel Porn
Next time you stay in a hotel that uses a Nokia TY system, enter the following code using the remote control: 2 - 2 - 1 - Down Arrow then push and hold down the "OK" button.
No further explanations needed here aye?

3. Free Air
At Shell gas stations, press the button on the side of the pump three times. The pump will start without you having to insert any coins.
Isn't this useful? Now you don't need to pay to pump up air for your car wheel :D

4. Free Hotel Reservation Cancellation
If you've got hotel reservation and need to cancel, but you're already within however many days prior to arrival your cancellation policy stated, just reschedule for a future date (for which at my chain there's no penalty), call back, get a different rep and cancel free of charge!
Only used when you want to cancel reservations, if not threaten to lodge a consumer's report against the hotel management.

5. Free Wi-Fi At Airports
Only for those that have "for pay" Wi-Fi by ading"?.jpg" at end of any URL. Often Wi-Fi- at Airports do not redirect images, allowing this hack to work.
This is useful if you are required to pay for Wi-Fi, and bypass the redirection restriction imposed.

Life Hacks!

Credit:: Adub
Something cool I would like to share :D

So basically, this is just some tips aka small tricks that you can use in your daily life.
For those who can't see the picture, I am gonna type out everything, so at least you can read it.

1. Extend a remote's range
if you are opening a gate with a remote, and you are a bit out of range, put it under your chin pointing upwards. Your skull is a close enough approximation to a parabolic reflector to direct some extra energy forward, giving you extra distance.
So basically this works pretty much with any remote control device that produces signals. 
Summed it up, When your out of range with a remote-controlled device, Point it to your head from below! :D

2. Your Hand As A Ruler
Measure your hand from your fingertip to palm and memorize it. Now you can judge the size of anything without a rule. Try to pic a finger that is pretty close to a standard length (1 inch). You will never need a ruler to estimate again.
So basically this method is used only when you want to ESTIMATE the length of something, useful when you can't find a ruler anywhere!

3. Reboot The Credit Card Machine
To piss off an annoying customer behind you in line at a checkout, hold down all corner buttons on the credit card machine to reboot it. It will take a while to restart.
Pretty much sums it up. Unless you are that retarded not to know, comment below! :P

4. Go Straight To Your Floor
To go directly to your floor on an elevator, even if other floor numbers have been pressed, simply press the desired floor and the door close button at the same time, you will go directly to that floor.
another simple enough explanation: 
-Press finger on your floor you want to go & close button at the same time!

So anything else?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jung In is the #1 most invited radio guest!

Jung In is the #1 most invited radio guest?!

Well I am no K-pop huge fan, occasionally listen some K-pop to broaden my song interest.
So apparently this Korean chick, Jung In is now known to be the Number 1 invited radio guest in Korean.
Reason why she holds this title? Instead of promoting her album by the usual standard way of music programs and such, she chose to have exclusive radio appearances.

Anyways if you haven't heard her songs
heres one:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kelly Clarkson!

Kelly Clarkson

So apparently Kelly Clarkson is the much discussed person on the internet as i am writing this now.
The First-Season winner can pretty much credit her popularity due to winning American Idol.

Now she is heading back the show again, however this time together with country singer Jason Aldean, they will be performing a duet of "Don't You Wanna Stay", during the much anticipated Results show on American Idol on Thursday.

The two of them first sang at Country Music Awards in November, and the song later went to No. 1 on the Billboard country music charts.
So is Kelly Clarkson a Country Singer now? Nah.

According to her, Kelly Clarkson is said to be influenced by Various artists from other genre such as Sheryl Crow, Prince, Radiohead and Tina Turner.
Anyway Rihanna is also reported to be joining Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean on Thursday's Result show

So in case you haven't heard of those 2 yet:

Changes of blog objective

As of today, I have changed the objective of this blog.
Which is to discuss about anything that is currently on trend now


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