Monday, October 4, 2010

Tribal wars Guide [8] Personal Alliances

Personal Alliances 

Personal allies can be a very valuable tool in TW as well as a great way to pass the time. But how do you pick the right PA? How many? And how/when do you find them?

While there is no "right" way(nothing in TW has a "right" way sadly) there are a lot of pointers we can give as to the subject.

1) Don’t be in a hurry to get PA. And don’t accept just anybody as a PA. Like alliances between tribes it needs to be of mutual benefit and things take time to develop. A hasty PA agreement often times ends up in you supporting a weaker player. You really can’t get a good judge of a player until farming is well under way.

2) Don’t get too many PA. While there is no magic number, there is a real possibility of having too many. Like allies can block in a tribe and prevent expansion, too many PA can have the same effect. It’s much better to have 1-2 Personal allies that you know you can count on rather than 5-6 questionable ones. Quality over Quantity.

3) High points don’t mean s/he's good. Don’t be fooled. Your better off waiting to see if that "good" player really is good rather than just going with what looks good.

4) Get a PA you can work with and communicate effectively. This may cover login times, languages, strategies, or any number of issues. Bottom line a PA shouldn't be extra work.

5) When mailing your prospective PA(This really goes for mailing anybody) be respectful and try to make a good first impression. You only get one chance at a first impression, make it count. 

For example in the applications I wasn't too concerned with content, or what your prior experiences were so much as how you communicated and whether or not you took the time to write intelligent mails. First impressions made up 50% of my decision as to who to bring in.

This includes:

capitalization -You know who you are
spelling and grammar (doesn’t have to be perfect, just good)
paragraphs -solid blocks of text are a strain to read, break it up
thought out responses - don’t just spew generic or copy/paste crap
RESPECT -->The best way to earn a player's respect is to return it in kind.

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