Monday, October 4, 2010

Tribal wars Guide [7] Fakes

Fake Attacks 

I know that some who are reading this may not yet have mastered timing an attack but once you get that down you will want to further your skill with fake attacks.

There are three basic kinds of fake attacks, used with different intentions.

Swarm: These fake attacks usually are made up of 5-250 scouts and 1 ram or cat. Since they move slowly they may be mistaken for an actual offensive attack. They may get info, usually they just all die. 

Swarm Fakes are usually launched 1 or 4 from a village (4 may be mistaken for nobles from a larger 6000+pnt village ) by everyone one in the tribe from every village. They are launched 1-5 hours before a main assault begins. 

Swarm Fakes main purpose is to confuse and overwhelm the opponent. What would you do if you had 10-500 incoming attacks from a tribe? 

Decoy: These are fakes launched by people not involved in an assault but timed to land as if they were. 

Decoys usually have the same makeup as Swarm Fakes (scouts and a ram/cat) but aren't launched before an attack randomly. These are precision timed and focused on large villages.

Decoy Fakes are launched on targets that have more than one large village to hopefully have the target spread his def troops too thin or defend the wrong village in an assault.

Fanged: By far the most advanced and evil fake. These fakes are launched to land close to immediately after a large scale attack. They are focused on villages that have already been hit by "nukes" or other clearing forces. These fakes are usually used on large scary targets that will take a while to defeat or in a large scale war when the target is member of an enemy tribe especially if you do not have enough nobles available to rim him.

Fanged Fakes usually consist of 25-100 scouts and 25 cats. They are sent in 1 or 4 after an offensive army to mimic nobles but instead demolish Farm Buildings.

This way troops that have been killed of the targets cannot be rebuilt quickly leaving the target vulnerable and unable to send help to his tribe mates.

Learn these well. They are the second most important thing, after timing, to winning against skilled opponents.

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