Saturday, November 27, 2010

Share how you systematically went about solving the problem today. Also share a little on how you would systematically plan for the next 6 years of your life.

well this was the reflection journal i wrote for today :P

we learnt about being systematic lol
Since systematically means following a set of rules or guidelines, the steps that we use to solve problem for today.      
Going through what we have learnt for the past few problems, to refresh our memory. when we are done with that, we went onto the problem statement to see if it requires any knowledge from any of the problems we have learnt from the past few problems of cognitive. (ERS, sameness, holistic and atomistic)
after which we went on to do our PDT where we discuss as a group about what we know, what we don't know and what we want to find out.

after which we did the worksheet, which we do and discuss as a group.
after all that, i somehow got involed in a discussion with a few people from our class, that pretty much solves the problem after all that i guess, from my point of view, though the 6P eventually clears off any other doubts.

how i would systematically plan for the next 6 years of my life?
obvious i would have to finish my education in RP first, by doing so i can graduate and get my diploma (2 years later) whiel doing so, since i take piano, i would have probably finished my diploma in piano cert. after i graduate, the 2 years would be taken from be since i ahve to server NS, that being said, total of 4 years gone. after all that, i would probably be in some university, furthering my studies in the arts industry, preferably music related, since my course in RP (sonic arts) and my 
background in music would put me in someform of advantage. 

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