Monday, November 29, 2010

Discuss 1 of your beliefs and why you have taken that stand?

well this what i wrote today :P

time is precious! why i have taken that stand? since whatever time that is lost cannot be redeemed back. neither can we save time (deposit) then retrieve back for use later on, though that would be cool.
time is fair to everyone, with 24 hours a day, 1440 mins, 86400 seconds. so it really depends on how we spend the time. for me, i would lay on my bed before i sleep and ask myself what have i done today, with the 24hours i was given to live on this earth? if what i have done was not satisfactory, i would think about which portion of the day was wasted, not use properly. if what i have done was satisfactory, i would see on how i could improve myself further.
therefore time management also plays a part in this.


  1. I agree with Jordan, I definitely dig the blog (you can check mine out too if you want, but I don't have a lot of posts yet).

    As far as beliefs go, I personally choose to be a vegetarian. I don't think less of people who eat meat or give them a hard time about it, but if somebody asks me I'll explain to them why I choose not to eat meat (which for me is an ethical issue and a health issue, personally). Time management is an awesome topic, though, and something that I need to figure out a little better myself!

  2. pretty bitchin way to think about life

  3. No cheese of tuesdays no reason for taking that stand.

  4. Very interesting sir. I wish I could manage my time better. Following!



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