Saturday, November 13, 2010

What were the learning obstacles faced and what strategies/ approaches were used to help resolve that? If they have not been resolved today, what then are the strategies you would try to solve them?

the question asked today for my reflection journal lol

learning obstacles faced, were many people trying to get their points to other team members at the same time.

strategies used to resolve is that we as a team, try to limit to one person voicing their view, otherwise, the discussion would turn out messy and would probably make no sense and cause confusion.

if they have not been resolved today, the approach i would use to solve the problem would be to appoint one of the team members to stop others, when one person is talking.


  1. Dude, What? I cant comprehend what you're talking about lol

  2. So good i had to comment on thsi again!

  3. i agree with hobbes. makes my head hurt and my mouse finger >.<



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