Monday, November 22, 2010

Pick one design (not your own group’s) that in your opinion best reflects Singapore’s cultural and national identity. Why is it superior to those of other groups? What else can be improved about it?

yo sup guys, wasn't really feeling very good recently, plus with all the holiday, i spend at home sleeping lol

anyways, today we went to the national musuem of Singapore, where we had to get inspiration to design a costume for some event lol

anyways heres the reflection i wrote for the day :D

i didnt exactly see other group's work, since the only group's work was dennis's group, and it was when it was in sketch mode (not complete). in my opinion, it best reflects Singapore's cultural and national identity, since it shows the national crest and stars?, instead of it on the clothes it self, they came up with the idea of designing a headgear for that specifically for that purpose. as for the rest, i dont really remember?

anyways it was tiring and now felling extremely tired, what was your day like today?

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